Ladd Spring – Capital Mack & Capital Freightliner (Former Owner of Capital Buick GMC)
Verge Asberry – LSU
Robyn Merrick  - Southern University VP External Affairs
Tyra Banks – Banks Consulting
John Valluzzo – Valluzzo Management
Phillip Smith – BRCC

About Us



Elite Sports of Baton Rouge focuses heavily on teamwork. We believe that if everyone is a piece of a whole, and everyone does their part, then the whole team wins. In life, it takes more than a love for self. Being a servant and doing your best ensures that your efforts make a way for others to be successful, making the world a better place for everyone. 

Board Members

Darryl Hurst


What you do when others are looking is not what is important in life. We teach our youth that the most important things that you do are when no-one is looking. Having integrity in everything that you do will ensure that every goal that you reach in life was accomplish with the highest morals and values. ​

Shantrice Hurst


Financial Director


As a Christian-based organization, our goal is to be a vessel for Jesus Christ in all that we do. Elite Sports of Baton Rouge is a youth ministry that helps to mold our kids of the Great Baton Rouge Area to be like David and face the world with the belief that:​ "All things are possible through Christ."- Philippians 4:13



Raven Fernandez – Director of Girls Basketball
Eric Raby – Director of Boys Basketball
Jermon Brown – Coach
Kenneth Brown – Coach
Tyra Banks – Community Outreach Director